Eyelash Extensions FAQ

What are eyelash extensions?
Not to be confused with strip lashes or individual clusters of lashes knotted together that are a single-event accessory, these semi-permanent, synthetic extensions are glued one by one onto the natural lash (not the skin) by using a specially formulated glue that last 2-4 weeks. Single synthetic eyelashes are applied to your own natural eyelash to achieve a beautiful full luscious and long set of lashes that are natural and you won't even know they are there.

Should I be careful who applies the eyelash extensions and should they be trained?
Absolutely, we cannot stress the importance of choosing an eyelash technician who has been taught by a qualified and experienced person. There are many eyelash extension operators who are claiming to have been professionally trained but have been self taught via the internet and these operators are also using poor quality products bought on ebay. This is disastrous and at the Blushbaby`we are having more and more distressed ladies contacting us for help and advise as they have had a bad experience by one of the many self taught people. Please do your research thoroughly and ask many questions.

A friend said she has permanent eyelash extensions is this what Blushbaby does?
There is still alot of confusion about what eyelash extensions are. All eyelash extensions are semi-permanent. The only permanent eyelashes are eyelash transplants which are performed under anesthesia`by a doctor and will cost approximatley $5,000.

Who wears eyelash extensions?
You don't have to be a celebrity or model to wear eyelash extensions. Normal everyday ladies love eyelash extensions and can't bear to be without them. Blushbaby clients include nurses, makeup artists, surgeons, dentists, lawyers, financial advisors, moms, detectives, dancers, business owners, nail technicians, university students, hairdressers, police women and many more wonderful people.

How are the eyelash extensions applied?
A single natural eyelash is isolated and a synthetic lash is applied approximately 1mm from the eyelid so neither the glue nor the lash has contact with the skin.

How long does the application take?
The procedure will take approximately 2hours for a full set and approximately 45 minutes for a half set and 1 hour for a re*lash. It is a meticulous procedure that requires patience and concentration so therefore it should not be rushed so that clients can leave with a perfect set of lashes. You relax with your eyes closed and there is no pain as this is a non-invasive procedure. Often clients are so relaxed they fall asleep.

Can I do eyelash extensions myself?
NO!!!. Eyelash extensions can only be applied by a trained professional.

How are the lower lashes held down?
At Blushbaby it is important that our clients are comfortable therefore, we use soft under eye pads specifically designed for eyelash extensions.

Do eyelash extensions make my own lashes fall out?

No, definatley not, this is a myth. At Blushbaby many of our clients have constantly had extensions applied with no break and they have never encountered their lashes all falling off. It is important to have your lash extensions applied by a qualified lash stylist who uses quality products. The eyelash has a cycle and are constantly being replaced like your hair. If you pull so hard on an extension lash and pull out your own natural lash there will be no new lash ready to grow to take its place and you will have to wait 6-8 weeks for that lash to grow.

Can I still wear eye makeup?
Yes, but you won't need mascara and you may even find you won't need eyeliner. Eyeliner and eye shadows can be used as usual but remember to remove with a product that does not contain oil of any kind as this will lessen the affectiveness of the adhesive. We recommend removing eyeliner and eyeshadow using a damp cotton ball and a small amount of water-based eye make-up remover and gently running it along the eyeliner to remove it. To remove eyeshadow wet a cotton wipe with eye make-up remover and gently remove eye shadow in a side and upward movement not down onto the eyelash extensions. Wiping down towards the lashes will cause a build up of makeup on the lashes and may lessen the life of them.

Can I wear mascara?

You won't have to. You can roll out of bed looking great and best of all it will make your lashes look like you're wearing mascara 24/7 without the clumping, streaking and smudging look that you get with mascara. No more running and streaking mascara which is fantastic for brides on their special day. If desired you can wear a non-waterproof on the lower lashes but remember to use an eye makeup remover that contains no oil.
Can I curl or perm eyelash extensions?
No, do not perm your beautiful new eyelash extensions. Anyway you won't have to as the extension lashes hold their lovely shape. Using a clamp eyelash curler is not recommended and will lessen the life of your eyelash extensions and perhaps damage them. You can however use a heated eyelash curler but do not over use it only using it when necessary.

How long do they last?

Approximately 2-4 weeks if you respect your new lashes and take care of them. Remember this is a semi-permanent beauty procedure. Do not be duped by those who promise "permanent" extensions or attachments that last for 2+ months. A real lash's life cycle is around 25-28 days, and as yours grow and fall out, so will the synthetic ones that are attached. If your hair and nails grow quickly then that may indicate that your lashes also are growing, shedding and renewing themselves quickly so you may find that your lashes will not last as long as someone whose hair growth is slow. Your life style and what work you do will also make a difference how long they last. A ladies lashes working in the food industry where there is alot of heat, steam and oil may not last as well as a lady who works in an air conditioned office. Eyelash extensions will not last for three months, this is false advertising by salons and inexperienced people.

I had eyelash extensions applied a few days ago and a few lashes have fallen out - why?
As explained above the lash has a growth cycle and unfortunately it is hard to determine which lash is ready to fall out naturally so it is unpredictable when applying the synthetic lashes. Each day we can loose 3-5 natual lashes, but often they fall out unnoticed unless they fall into your eye, but when eyelash extensions are applied we are more aware of when they shed as we know the extensions are there plus they are longer, darker and thicker. If you sleep on your stomach with your face squashed into the pillow or you favor sleeping on one side you may notice the lashes may not last as well as the other side.

What is a Re*Lash, why do I need them and how often do I need them?

A Re*Lash is when the natural eyelash has fallen out (due to the eyelash cycle) and there has been an extension lash applied to it. You will require in-fills every 2-4 weeks if you would like to achieve a constistantly full fresh set of lashes. At Blushbaby we take the time to remove any eyelash extensions that have either grown out too far or are not sitting correctly. Please note that we do not stack the lash extensions as other operators do.

Can I open my eyes during the procedure?

No, your technician will advise you when the procedure is complete and when to open your eyes as two sharp tweezers are used when applying the lashes.This is your time to relax!

Do the synthetic eyelashes come in different lengths and thickness?
Yes. Our lash stylist will design and style lashes that will fit your needs,look at the condition of your lashes, eye shape and preference of style and lifestyle. Our lash stylist will then choose the length, thickness and curve of the lash and design an individual look for you. Our lash stylist can create any look from a subtle, natural look to dramatic lashes and everything in between

Are the eyelash extensions glued to my skin?

No, they are applied approximately 1mm from the eyelid.

Is the eyelash glue and glue remover safe?
Yes, in the right hands and having your extensions applied by someone who has been correctly trained it is safe. Beware of untrained people who claim they have been professionaly trained with years of experience. Because we specialize in eyelash extensions we take great care to ensure that the adhesive and adhesive remover does not come in contact with the skin or eyes. The adhesive used at Blushbaby is of high quality and is fast drying which does not give a clumped look. As the adhesive is being used around the delicate eye area it is important to only have eyelash extensions applied by a trained and qualified eyelash extensionist.

Are eyelash extensions suitable for everyone?
Anyone of any age can have eyelash extensions applied as long as there is a natural lash to glue the extension onto. Ladies who have undergone chemotherapy and their lashes are starting to grow back also love eyelash extensions. Because the eyelash extensions are so natural anyone could be wearing them and you wouldn't know. They are also suitable for people who wear contact lenses and glasses.


Why Should I Get Eyelash Extensions?

  • It will cut your beauty routine time down in the mornings
  • No running or streaking mascara
  • The good news is that eyelash extensions make you able to flutter your lashes beautifully without mascara
  • Lasts from 2-4 weeks with proper maintenance
  • No operation, no pain - non-invasive procedure
  • Safe in showers, swimming pools and saunas
  • Weightless and very natural looking
  • Eyelashes will appear longer, fuller and darker
  • Your eyes will look bigger, more defined & gorgeous even with no make up
  • Great for people who wear contact lenses
  • Perfect for brides, moms on the run and busy people
  • Ladies who can't wear mascara

How do I look afer my eyelash extensions?

  • For the first 12 hours avoid getting the lashes wet to allow the glue to completely dry
  • Do not use a steam room or sauna for the first 48 hours to allow glue to cure
  • Be gentle and respect your new lashes. Avoid rubbing your eyes and do not pick and play with your lashes
  • Resist the temptation to touch or pull at your stunning new lashes as this will pull out your own natural lashes
  • Avoid getting them caught on clothes and towels
  • When drying your face do not rub instead blot your face and apply a gently pressure to your closed eyes then allow the extensions to dry naturally. Don't try to dry them with the towel or hair dryer.
  • Do not perm or curl the extensions using a clamp eyelash curlers
  • Avoid wearing mascara as this will lessen the life of your extensions
  • Do not use eye make-up remover that contains any type of oil products such as petroleum
  • Do keep the eye area clean. This is very important. Some ladies love their lashes so much they don't even want to get them wet at all. Avoiding proper hygiene can result in an eye infection whether wearing eyelash extensions or not
  • Try and sleep on your back to avoid crushing your extensions in the pillow

The golden rule for wearing eyelash extensions is the less you touch them the longer they will last. However, it is important to keep the eye area clean.

Is there any reason why I can't have eyelash extensions applied - Contra-Indications?
It is suggested that if you are an "eye rubber" due to allergies such as hayfever or if rubbing your eyes is just a habit or in the past you have experienced sensitivity around the eye area after using skin care or makeup or generally having sensitivity around that area the extensions may not suit you. If you use prescribed medicated eye drops or ointment this may coat the lashes and cause them to clump. Blushbaby clients who say their eyes are sensitive but DO NOT experience any reaction or discomfort during or after having eyelash extensions applied. Eyelash extensions cannot be applied to very curly eyelashes as it will be difficult to glue an extension on. However, if you are unsure please contact the salon to discuss it.

Can the eyelash extensions be removed?
Yes, at any time for any reason they can be removed however there will be a removal charge. The extension lashes are easily removed by using a glue remover and is safe.

I had my lashes applied somewhere else and they are a disaster with excessive amounts of glue clumping my lashes together. Can I have the lashes removed and not get new eyelash extensions?
Sadly eyelash extensions are being applied by people who have had no training or have not been trained correctly. Blushbaby is always happy to remove lashes that have been applied elsewhere without applying new lashes, however there will be a removal charge. Please refer to Eyelash Pricing.

I had eyelash extensions applied somewhere else and I am unhappy with them can they be fixed up at Blushbaby?
At Blushbaby we prefer not to mix their work with our work so it is advised that you either allow your extensions to naturally come off or contact Blushbaby to discuss the options of having the extensions removed before your appointment to have a new set applied. If your eyes are red and sore from the incorrectly applied eyelash extensions that were applied elsewhere, we would advise resting your eyes from extensions for approximately 3-4 weeks before having a professional set reapplied at Blushbaby.

What should I do before my eyelash extension appointment?
Preferrably arrive with no makeup or at least no mascara and do not perm or curl your eyelashes before your eyelash extension appointment. If you wear contact lenses please bring your contact lens case as your lenses will need to be removed.